We all know that there are many software tools out there that aim to provide a solution. So why select CobbleSoft?

We'd like to be your ITSM vendor of choice, but we may not always be the best fit for your particular needs - and we'll tell you that upfront. We'd rather go with a conversation and honest appraisal instead of cold, hard sales tactics.

These Concept pages are designed to give you an idea of how we think: about building and running helpdesks; providing service management; how our products will help you drive ITIL and ITSM framework processes and, ultimately, what we think about customer support. We're working on the theory that if you like the way we think, then it's a great place to start a conversation.

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CobbleSoft: I Am Customer©

At CobbleSoft, we believe that EVERYBODY connected to your business is a customer. Internally, your employees are customers of each department within your organisation (e.g. HR, payroll, expenses accounting - not just IT support). Externally, your customers are, well, your customers - people who enable you to continue running your business. There's a third category, too: business partners and vendors: people you rely upon to supply and promote your business. Think vendors for raw goods, media outlets for promotional activity and consultants for assistance.

These three groups (Internal, External and Partners) are very similar when it comes to your business - in that you need to keep them all sweet. There's little point in being overly nice to your customers if you have disgruntled employees and your partners keep putting their prices up!

In business, we do well to remember I Am Customer©.

InfoGraphic: Good Service Management Involves More Than Just IT
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