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CobbleSoft is a leading pioneer of truly powerful web-based collaboration software for helpdesk, service manaqement and process automation.

At least that's the official line.  How our CEO explained what we do, when asked recently by the 6-year-old daughter of a relative, is:

"We help people in business work better together
so they can have lots of customers and
make lots of money."

CobbleSoft Connect©

Software that offers you so much more than the traditional helpdesk. Employ intelligent, process-based methods to keep your organisation at a competitive edge. Easily operate multiple helpdesks, service desks and micro-sites around the world; Combine global, virtual, at-home, assisted, and self-service technologies; Use the fully integrated knowledge base and discussion forums for maximum impact and community building.

Do More | For Less | For Real

Connecting People, Process and Technology
CobbleSoft Connect© Working Better Together

It's no longer good enough to install helpdesk software and call it good. It's not even good enough now to blindly conform to best practices such as those centered around ITIL. To stand out in an social-media-elightened world of fast-paced commerce, you've got to be able to implement software solutions today to help you support your business - today, not tomorrow.
Simple Economics: The more your employees and processes are in tune with your business and goals, the better placed you'll be to meet the needs of your customers. Efficiency translates to productivity and happy customers, in turn translating to bigger profits.

CobbleSoft: I Am Customer©

At CobbleSoft, we believe that EVERYBODY connected to your business is a customer: Internal, External and Partners.

Internally, your employees are customers of each department within your organisation (e.g. HR, payroll, expenses accounting - not just IT support). Externally, your customers are ..... more,

Apples and Oranges

Call or email today: we understand that comparing your needs to those of our previous or next client can be a bit like trying to compare apples to oranges. It's rare that two organisations will be the same, so please let us know how we can help you address your own needs.

Need multi-channel support options: E-Mail, Assisted, and Self-Service; all integrated? Perhaps a Knowledge Base, empowering the people you care about? Web content management enabling digital content to be segregated between employees, customers, partners? How about local, national and global outreach, with perhaps an option to include Virtual and At-Home capabilities now or in the future?

How about running multiple helpdesks, using a Prioritisation Matrix for workflow. Surveys and Feedback capabilities to ensure your customers think as highly of your organisation as you do. How about BPM, Microsites, KB, Search, Digital Content, Branding, Root Cause Analysis... ?
How can we help you? Call or email today!